Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Positive changes

I have decided to join Heather on her mission towards a complaint-free world so I am wearing this bracelet as a reminder to myself not to complain. (It's one I made some time ago with glass beads and stretchy clear elastic from Michaels.)

And another positive change I have made today is.....a haircut! I was near the salon this morning as I had something to mail. The little shopping plaza near my house (a few minutes walk) has a supermarket, post office, doctor, hairdresser, bakery and pharmacy. Last time I had my hair cut, I went to this salon for the first time and was pleased with the cut. However, as it grew out, the "sticky-out bits" over my ears were bothering me and I wanted to go shorter - so I called in and was able to make an appointment for this afternoon.

She spent ages cutting my hair just right - nice and short on the back and sides, a bit longer on the top - and I'm very happy with it. The kids faked screams when I got back home! At least, I THINK they were faked, they must be used to me with short hair by now!


Katherine said...

Nice new do, Nicola! Can't wait to admire it in person.

Want to know if we're allowed to give that bracelet on your wrist a snap if we happen to hear you complaining.... hee hee

Heather said...

Looks great!

Nicola said...

Absolutely - snap away, because I may well forget otherwise!

Samantha said...

Very nice Nicola!

Mary-Sue said...

Looks lovely! You can really see your amazing cheekbones!