Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Random blather

Cass at Shut Up I'm Counting wrote a great post here about homeschooling her daughters. Her philosophy is very similar to mine (but my boys are still "unschooling" - they don't use any textbooks/workbooks, though that's not to say they won't one day - if they want/need to).

Remember to watch for the lunar eclipse Wednesday night. The moon will turn red, perhaps with a flash of turquoise. Unfortunately it happens between 7 and 8pm in the evening Pacific time, which just happens to be the time I'll be at my Taekwondo class. I'm not sure whether the instructor will approve of me popping outside to take a look! Hopefully one of my fellow bloggers will get a photo and I can enjoy it vicariously.

One of the things keeping me on track with the
high percentage of raw food right now is this ---->

yes, you're seeing that right, and no, I know it's not raw. However it is a little something to sweeten the palate at the end of a meal and a reward to myself for maintaining my willpower during the day.

Natalia Rose, who wrote these two books (which I have borrowed from my local library), says that a little 70% dark chocolate is OK. Her philosophy is that we should choose foods based on their ability to pass quickly through the body. When we eat them, our body should be able to extract the maximum goodness out of them and then get them the hell out! She calls them "quick exit" foods. Dark chocolate is therefore acceptable. Chocolate cake made with white flour and white sugar is NOT!

In fact, for anyone interested in incorporating more living foods in their diet, her guidelines are very reasonable. She says you don't have to eat 100% raw to see the benefits, and you don't have to be vegan if you still want to include a little meat, fish or cheese (of the best possible quality) in your diet. The occasional glass of wine is OK too. She does stress the importance of combining foods for good digestion, and whilst I tend not to follow the "correct" food combining rules, I can understand the reasoning behind them. Starches and proteins require different stomach acidity and enzymes to digest. Fruits, when eaten alone, digest fast and pass quickly through the system. Eat them after a meal and they ferment.

Well, this was going to be just a few sentences and I can see that I have run on, so I will sign off now.

Raw Score:
Tuesday 81%


Mary-Sue said...

Our science centre is saying the eclipse is at 5:40pm on Wednesday! That's when I"ll be watching for it... Perhaps you can catch it before Taekwondo?
hope it's spectacular!

Nicola said...

Oh, I hope that's right, and that we have a clear sky too.

Louise said...

Oh no, I didn't know about the eclipse, I love that sort of thing, and I think it was a clear night, would I have seen it, did you? x

sheila said...


What do you think about Joel Fuhrman's diet ideas?

Nicola said...

Louise, you would have seen the eclipse if it wasn't cloudy where you are and if you'd been out of bed at about 3am!!!

Sheila, who is Joel Fuhrman?