Friday, 29 February 2008

Tomten is done

Phew! The Tomten Jacket is done.....except for a fastening on the front.

I decided to put my Sunrise Circle Jacket aside and get this finished. It only needed a sleeve. I found a window of opportunity yesterday afternoon, and then again in the evening at "knitting night" at a friend's house, and then I stayed up until after midnight crocheting along the front edges to neaten things off and disguise the strands on one edge where I carried the two colours up the side.

The Bernat Soy is OK to knit with, but a bit slippery especially on the aluminum needles, and I think I may have to block the jacket in the hope it'll even out my knitting. All this garter stitch did become a little tedious so I don't think I'll be making a second jacket after all.

I have three balls of the same yarn in blue, which I think I'll try knitting up on my Bond for a faster result.

After I finished the knitting on the Tomten last night,
I picked up the hand-holding mitten which has also been
languishing and completed a few more rounds.

STILL another individual mitten to knit.

I shall have to take this project to the arena today - that'll be another hour or so worked on it while the kids are skating and then I'll go back to the Sunrise.

Raw Score:
Tuesday 85%
Wednesday 83%
Thursday 85%
meeting my goal of minimum 80%

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Katherine said...

This is lovely, Nicola! The colours are so soft and pretty.