Friday, 22 February 2008

V neck vest

Unlike Heather, when I had a spare hour today, I headed down to my sewing room to get going on the machine-knitted V neck vest.

The back was finished a few days ago and has been "relaxing" (when you take it off the machine it's stretched out and needs to shrink a little). The bottom part of the front was done, but I needed to finish the V neck shaping. I'm very pleased that today I finished both sides of the V neck and have left the "live" stitches on spare yarn so I can do a three needle bind off at the shoulders.

It seems like it's been ages since I actually completed a project (having four on the go at once may have something to do with that)!

Using four colours meant that occasionally they became a little tangled and the yarn didn't flow as freely as it should have - in the photo below I am pointing to a white row which is definitely tighter than the others.

When the front piece has had a few days to relax, I'll sew the back and front together, pick up stitches around the neck, armholes and waist, and knit a few rows of ribbing with the brown yarn to finish it off.

Raw Score:
Wednesday 82%
Thursday 37% (oops)


Katherine said...

Nice sweater, Nicola! You're making that knitting machine earn its keep, that's for sure. Is this sweater for you?

Nicola said...

Yes, it's for me. I'm hoping it will look OK.

Louise said...

Oh yeah, I see that row, oh dear, you may have to unpick it and start all over again! x