Sunday, 16 March 2008

Movie Night

We had a movie night last night, and we watched Becoming Jane. I thought it was a fun movie, but I must say that after watching it I have some questions for Jane.

1)What were you thinking Jane?

2) Why would you waste your time with that smarmy, arrogant wastrel Tom?

3) Is he really the inspiration for Mr. Darcy? Because we were thinking he seems more of a Willoughby, or a Wickham.

4) Why did you give him a second chance, couldn't you tell how spoiled he was immediately? (we all could)

5) And one more question - Really? Is he really, really the inspiration for Darcy? Cuz, that's kinda wrecking it for us.

*Hey guys - the guy who played Tom was Mr. Tumnus in The Chronicles of Narnia. That is why he was familiar to me.

**Next time someone bring smelling salts for Samantha during pond scenes.


Samantha said...

It was a fun movie! I still think dude did redeem himself in the end and I think she made a mistake by not trying to figure out a way to make it work. But no, he was not attractive to me in any way! Some possible answers to some of your questions:

1) I have no idea what she was thinking. It seems so hard to find a good man back in those days, doesn't it?

3) There is no way he was the inspiration for Mr. Darcy. Tom doesn't fill the breeches like Mr. Darcy does and he was just an arse while Mr. Darcy was sexy and intriguing.

5) See response to question 3. There is no way. No way. La la la la, I am not listening to that comparison!

** Next time I'm hoping you all join me in the 'wave' during the pond scenes. We must celebrate such fine cinematography! (Yes, I remember it was mentioned to me last night that it was unfortunate that the scene was filmed from the wrong angle. Really, I'm thinking we should direct movies as our ideas are so inspired)

*** We must write letters and question why the character of Tom was not played by The Rock (who, in my opinion, was born to play a young Irish lawyer or any other character that disrobes)

Amanda said...

Poor Jane. Considering her options for marriage were Mr. booby or Mr. smarmy I am not the least bit surprised she stayed single. I wonder if those guys had more personality in real life than was portrayed in the movie.

Thanks for the movie night by the way, Heather. I had a great time!