Sunday, 9 March 2008

A quick scarf

A quick post about a quick scarf.....I am buzzing about doing piles of laundry and getting some stuff done in readiness for our few days away, so I really shouldn't spend too long on the computer!

I bought the yarn in the morning, made a gauge swatch on the Bond when I got home, and made the scarf in the evening. I decided to knit it at a looser gauge than usual - keyplate 3 rather than 2 for this yarn - as I liked the drape and I knew that I would be folding it double and seaming it along its length so it would be plenty warm enough.

I sewed it up with the reverse stockinette on the outside and crocheted across each end to close it up.

I went outside to photograph the scarf this morning - unfortunately it wasn't sunny but I'm sure you can still appreciate the colours in the yarn.

Now I really must go and clean bathrooms, check the dryer, wash lots of lettuce and bag it so it's easy for my husband to grab when he gets home from work while I'm away, and make some soup for him and eldest son to eat for dinner one night. I've made cookies, vegan mayonnaise and packed some things already, and the kids have some clothes packed in their backpacks too. One boy left to bath, once I've attacked his hair with the scissors.


Katherine said...

Whew! With all the work you're doing before leaving on your overnite adventure at the aquarium, I think you'll have no problem sleeping on the floor!

Love the colours in that yarn, Nicola.

Louise said...

You do sound busy Nicola, I hope you have a good few days away. Another lovely scarf, will you be able to stop wearing scarves soon, or are you still ankle deep in snow? x