Friday, 4 April 2008

Warm up already!!

Yesterday I was out fiddling about in the garden. I planted more peas and wandered about looking for some sign of sprouting action in my veggie garden beds. Am I just getting more impatient every year or is it actually a colder, slower-to-sprout Spring than normal? Next year I am doing a cold frame for sure. I want to be eating my own lettuce and spinach already.I did come across this little bloom on some of my rock cress. It was tucked in near a rock on a small stone wall that we have.


sheila said...

Is that a hen and chick sort of thing underneath, or a lewesia? Lewesias are my new favourite plant. Seeing them in a big group, blooming, is a terrific sight. Of course, the rest of the time they look as boringly succulent as ever.

Doesn't it feel good to see the sun and some green? We have pouring rain today, ick.

Heather said...

Sheila, I think it is a bit of Rock Daphne peeking through. My hubby brought those plants home. The low wall looks lovely with all the different blooms cascading over it, or it will if it ever warms up. ;-)