Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Life with boys...

means you never know what they'll catch next ... and want to show you.
This cricket has been serenading us for the past couple of days. The rain slowed him down a bit, but he made up for his brief period of silence when the sun came out again. It's totally amazing how such a small insect can make such a penetrating sound. If only he'd kept quiet, he likely would've evaded his captors!


Samantha said...

Oh... um... lovely?? ;-)
I hear them in my garden but thankfully they are unseen.
Samantha (who this week touched a worm for the first time without a glove - what a girlie girl!!)

Heather said...

Especially life with your boys...they are the ultimate bug/critter finders. Love that kind of magnifying glass because you can see underneath too, E (your son's spider apprentice) has that kind as well