Monday, 19 May 2008

A weekend in the garden

Almost the entire weekend has been spent in the garden. When I wasn't in the veg garden I was in the flower gardens. It is quite possible that I spent far too much time potting up baby plants to give away but I would rather do that than see them tossed in the compost. I still have a large pile of mulch sitting in the driveway but things are looking pretty good around here. On Friday the boys and I were mulching the side shade garden when I found this. I've no idea where it came from and I don't recall it being there last year. It is so pretty, I just love the speckles.

My neighbour brought me some double lilacs, she brings me some each year because she knows that I love them too.

There are lots of firsts in the garden just now, I found the first of our California poppies in bloom, pretty soon there will be thousands of these. They are prolific spreaders and act as a bit of a ground cover here.

Here is the first daisy in bloom. We have loads of these and it is one of my favourite flowers to bring in as a cut flower. They are so simple and fresh looking.And up top is a picture of our first columbine in bloom, I think that is the one that you gave me last year, Samantha.


Mary-Sue said...

oh my! toooo beautiful for words! the columbine is the loveliest i've ever seen! and the speckled flower is gorgeous! it isn't a violet is it?
oh! flowers are almost too beautiful for the human spirit, aren't they? thanks for the photos. just gorgeous!

Samantha said...

Ooooooo!!!!! Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! We are a little behind you up here in the mountain - my lilacs are just starting to open their flowers, the daisy heads are still little balls not yet flowered and the columbines (my favourite!!) are teasing me ;-)
I love the way the seed everywhere, giving me a garden full of surprises :-)

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

beautiful flowers
and sounds like a busy weekend

Katherine said...

So very lovely.... I'm getting my flower fix through your beautiful blooms.