Saturday, 7 June 2008

Flowers for a rainy day

It seems impossible to walk around the garden without taking pictures. Today, on one of our rare, rainy days, I am able to look at my pictures and remember the warm sun and sweet air in the garden.
This lilac was pulled out of a friends garden a few years ago. I had pretty much given up on it ever flowering when, surprise! This year it flowered and since it's close to my veggie garden, it provided lovely scents as a reward for my weeding.

I always forget these little spongy things flower. We have been spreading them around the yard and I love the little hits of yellow in the Spring.

My columbines are getting huge. They are filling up the garden nicely and seem to stretch up above all the other plants and say "see me! notice me!"

Tiny little iris from Heather. I'm always so hopeful when I put plants in the ground and darn near giddy when they flower.

One of my favourite columbines, with a daisy wanting to be noticed as well. I have noticed that the quiet, understated daisies are slowly trying to take over my front grass. I say my only option is to remove the grass around them and let them have their way. Hopefully my husband hasn't hidden my edger yet ;-)

The future looks sweet! I know I'll have to thin them out but it will be so hard. Look how cute and fuzzy they are!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what changes since my last visit! I awoke this a.m. to the sound of RAIN AGAIN so finding your lovely pictures brings some sun my way.


this is my patch said...

I really like the cream colour columbine. x