Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Living Series

We ordered this DVD series from our local library and I have to say that I think it is pretty good. Each DVD includes a lot of information to help you on the path to living a "greener" life no matter where you are on that path. And I think that can be tricky to strike that balance. Sometimes when I read an article or see a show I tend to think that the tips are so simple that everyone must know them but that isn't always the case; I guess I wrongly assume that everyone is thinking this way and has been on this path for awhile and I want tips that go even further. I think this series does a decent job of including tips that would be of interest to people at any stage of reducing their footprint.The Green Consumer DVD makes me wish that we had a Grassroots store here in town. The owner seems very knowledgeable and I was impressed with the way he suggested getting baby clothes as hand-me-downs or at consignment shops as a first choice over buying new - it is lovely to hear a shop owner put people and the planet before profit. What I liked most of all was all the bulk products I could see in the background of his store - things like dish soap, cleaning stuff, even grass seed. I noticed that some of the products are Nature Clean which our local health food store does carry...just not in bulk. So, I will write to them again.(and hope you will too) :-)
We especially like the gardening and lawn care DVD because my son found some helpful ideas on lawn maintenance. For the last year he has been mowing a neighbour's lawn and this year the neighbour asked him to research some natural ways to fertilize his lawn. W did this and the neighbour was pleased with the results and then asked him to find a way to do a natural weed control. After watching this program W has learned that corn gluten might be one of the ways to go.
Shows like this make me hopeful...hopeful that the tide is turning, that more people are starting to think this way, that we can make good choices, that we can make a difference with our actions.

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Samantha said...

I love this series!
We have been watching them as a family and have two more to go (there is an energy and conservation one as well, in case anyone is interested)
We watched The Green Consumer yesterday and I was so impressed with the owner - I hope we can make it out to his store one day.