Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Last summer I saw a post on freecycle for rhodos that had been pulled up. Well, I can't resist a plant in need so I contacted the person and arranged to get them. Now, I am the sort of gardener who believes that - if you water them, they will grow - but even I was a little unsure about these bare-rooted rhodos. They had been out for several (hot) days (wasn't it, Rebecca?) and when I got them their little curling leaves looked pretty sad. But with some peat moss, water and mulch they seemed to be doing just fine. And now look at them.You would think that they have always been here.

Here are our old ones on the other side of the pathway. (plus a volunteer Bridal Wreath Spirea in there)And tucked in back near the fence is this purple rhodo which is just coming into bloomAnd my mulch helper? From thisto this. He was wearing sandals. :-)I just noticed that the picture of the front yard above (with the pile of mulch) was taken a few weeks ago, look at the change in that short time.My goodness but flowers are magic.

Current pictures of the veg. garden are over here.


Anonymous said...

Wow -- the rhodos look awesome! I figured it might take a lot more time for them to look decent... It looks like they are enjoying their new home. I'm sure they are loving all this wet weather we've been having. Your yard is fabulous. Love to see all the photos -- keep them coming!!
Rebecca :)

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

what a truly beautiful garden you have you were blessed and how well they have grown for you