Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Well-adjusted Child

My kids have always learned at home, so with my oldest being 12 I feel like we have been at this for awhile. Whenever someone new to homelearning has asked me about it I always suggest that they first read Marty Layne's treasure of a book.Reading it really gave me a sense of how I wanted our life of learning to look and, more importantly, how I wanted it to feel. When I read her book I felt as though I was sitting down for coffee at the kitchen table of a wise friend, someone who was able to gently guide me to where I wanted to go...even though I didn't even know that place existed yet. She gave me a real insight to how gentle, loving, fulfilling and natural learning at home could be...for my kids and for myself.

A couple weeks ago I ordered The Well-adjusted Child: The Social Benefits of Homeschooling from our library and now, whenever someone new to learning at home asks me for some book recommendations, I will tell them about this one as well. What a fantastic book for someone new to learning at home... and also for someone who has been at it for years. I think it covers every cause for concern someone (or someone's relative) could ever have. It is a very empowering book, it gives all kinds of supportive information in a very straight-forward, clear manner as well as lots of stories from homelearners themselves.

One of my favourite parts is the story the author tells in the introduction, it starts out "Once upon a time, all children were homeschooled." Something that our society seems to have forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Heather. I will request it at my library.

Just this afternnoon, I was grilled by my sister's friend about Jasmin's learning. She kept persisting "what grade is she in?"
Went on, about how important a dogwood certificate is. When I wanted to share some stories I have heard about home learners challening entrance requirements for colleges and getting in without dogwoods, she politely turned to talk to someone else! Some people just don't get it!!! Or should I say, don't want to get it!


Heather said...

Hi Sandy
Yes, some people really don't want to get it and I imagine as W gets a bit older I will be hearing more about dogwoods from "well-meaning" people as well. You'll have to let me know if you find a good response to those kinds of questions.
I really enjoyed the book Earth in Mind, it supported my ideas about the kinds of "education" that will really matter in the future. It isn't light reading but I think it is a worthwhile read.