Sunday, 20 July 2008

All thanks to Mr. Henley

Bread is a staple breakfast food in our house. We ran out yesterday morning and I must have thought bread would magically appear because I did not make or buy any. Sadly, this did not happen. This morning there was a slight panic in the search for an acceptable first breakfast but after we were fed, I realized I had two options: make some bread, or drive to the store to buy bread. And since I'm in gas saving mode, my only real option was to bake some bread. And here it is:

Nothing beats the smell of fresh baked bread. I'm so sorry that I can't post the smell.

But where does Mr. Henley fit into this?

Well, I find music can make almost any chore that you are not really into at the moment much more fun. It usually makes the process a little longer (although I'm not going to share exactly why this is) but more fun. And this morning, I chose Don Henley.

Is is really summer without listening to a little Don Henley? (While watching that video, I realized that Don Henley was kinda cute. He's no longer just the old guy who sang some good songs. Of course, this opinion was generated when I was 13 and I like to think I have matured a little since then.) Looking back, I can't help thinking how tame my summers have become in the last 10 years. I no longer have the 'brown skin shining in the sun', my convertible has long since been sold, and my 'boys of summer' are limited to two. (That would be my husband and my son of course :-) But his songs still bring back memories of those carefree summer days, when the sunny days and warm nights seemed to last forever.

And this got me curious... is there any songs or bands or singers that transport you back to summers of the past? Let me know in the comments :-)


Joanne said... can't just post pictures of yummy, perfect looking bread and leave us hanging on the recipe!! I've been looking for a good, day-to-day type bread recipe for a while because running out to the store when I forget is rather a pain now!

sheila said...

That Summer Feeling: Jonathan Richman

Katherine said...

Ohhhhh... your bread looks delicious, Samantha! I haven't been baking any lately and I miss the smell of fresh baked bread as much as the taste. Nothing beats homemade!

Funny, isn't it how certain songs trigger specific memories? Scarier still is that I can recall the words to all those songs from my youth (much to my sons' chagrin).
Yesterday I put on some ABBA. This is music my parents listened to and I remember them watching the group on TV at some point way, way back. When I listen to ABBA, I'm a kid again. My boys just laugh as I sing along. ;o)

Heather said...

I think I could go back and recall each summer of my teen years by the songs that I listened to then. The first one that comes to mind is Abracadabra by Steve Miller - it was the summer of '82 and when I hear it I am instantly transported back to 3 weeks camping at Shuswap. What fun!

The very first song that I can recall associating with a time in my life is Rhinestone Cowboy (Glen Campbell) from 1975. When I hear it I remember that I was taking riding lessons that summer and got bit on the cheek by a pony. And that I soooo wanted to be a cowboy, of any sort, not necessarily Rhinestone. :-)

Samantha said...

Joanne, I sent the recipe to your village email :-)

Sheila, that song totally reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Katherine, I've been (over)playing the ABBA as well :-)

Heather, I'm surprised you didn't list Elvis :-) (somehow I can totally picture you as a cowboy as well. Or cowgirl? Maybe it's all just cowboys now. Not sure)