Saturday, 30 August 2008

ABBA...all four discs

To me this is 4 discs worth of sing-along entertainment while I preserve more stewed tomatoes.
To E it is "4 discs...of torture!!" (those are his words)

W ordered this from the library as a sort of joke. I think he thought he would listen to loudly and this would bug me. Poor kid, little did he know that I would confiscate it and keep it all to be played loudly in it's entirety(or as long as these tomatoes take). ;-) Talk about a plan backfiring on him.


Katherine said...

Now I need to go find the box in which my ABBA cd is packed... I could use some sing a long happiness and nobody does it like ABBA!

Samantha said...

Let me know when you're done! I totally want to put a hold on this :-) My son has admitted defeat to the fact that he will have to listen to ABBA... sort of like with P&P ;-)