Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Favourite Tiger Butter Recipe

Last year E made tiger butter to give as a gift to some of his favourite males (we always find it easy to think of gifts for the females in our family but the guys prove a bit tougher). He loved making it and has already made one batch this year to give as a birthday gift. It was well received so I thought I would share the recipe here. ( this is in his words as he also wrote it out as a submission for a newsletter)

Tiger Butter
About 1 lb white chocolate pieces ( from the bulk bin in your grocery store)
1/2 c. smooth peanut butter
bit of dark chocolate to make stripes

Melt the white chocolate over a double boiler or very carefully in heavy pot. Add peanut butter and blend until smooth.
Pour white chocolate/peanut butter mixture onto an oiled cookie sheet and spread out a bit. Let set for a bit. While you are doing this start to melt the bit of dark chocolate in a separate pot. Drizzle the melted dark chocolate over the white chocolate/peanut butter mixture in small lines. You are making this look like tiger stripes. Cool in fridge. Break into chunks. Eat, share or give as gifts.

**We are calling it white chocolate here because then people know what we are talking about but in my house we would say that with much scorn in our voices - how can it be called chocolate when it isn't even chocolate??? I like to refer to it as white confection...it certainly has its place and it is delightful in this recipe...but chocolate it is Not!!


Mary-Sue said...

now hang on just a darn moment. white chocolate gets its fabulous flavour from the oil from the cocoa bean. very good white chocolate is about 1/3 cocoa oil or butter. milk chocolate is often not even that high in cocoa products! careful now! white choc is one of my passions ;o)
this is one of the best treats i've ever tasted. i'm making some right now and not telling a soul! he he he
my own little solstice present if you know what i mean... sshhhhh

Mary-Sue said...

just kidding (on the p.s.)
tempted tho, I tell ya, this is GOOD STUFF!!!

sheila said...

I love this line: "You are making this look like tiger stripes." For some reason it totally cracks me up.

Funnily enough, I too am making some food gifts: truffles. Sadly I added too much cayenne to one batch, and had to make some more melted chocolate to dilute it a bit. Drats. Now what am I to do with all this leftover melted chocolate?

Heather said...

I've only ever had white confection ;-0 a few times. S likes it and will buy an Easter bunny occasionally and I've tried a few of the bits when making the tiger butter. I guess the stuff that I've tried isn't very good quality?? To me it tastes like sweetened wax. I think you'll have to convince me by letting me sample some of what you consider "very good white chocolate" (like your RV wafers, perhaps?). Yes, I think that samples might help to change my opinion...until then I remain unconvinced. ;-)

Shelia - I too find leftover chocolate to be such a problem. I mean, one can only have so much hot chocolate before it becomes tiresome, heh? ;-) Are you going to be posting about your truffles (and maybe the recipe) on your blog?