Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A whole lotta stomping

About a month ago we all watched the DVD Pulse, A Stomp Odyssey. We really enjoyed it and E stomped around afterwards making his own rhythms. We ordered Stomp Out Loud from our library and finally got a chance to watch it last night. Both boys were fascinated - there was nary a peep nor a wiggle during the whole show. They were riveted. I'm a little concerned about the fate of my garbage cans though. I have a feeling when the snow melts the boys will be outside seeing what kind of rhythms and sounds they can create with all manner of things. After watching the DVD I feel inspired to make a little music while I chop my veg too. ;-)I think I'll make a point each day of stopping what we are doing to take a break and say, "Let's make some noise!"

In case you want to see a little bit of it you can check it out here. You'll see what I mean about the veg. ;-)


Andrea said...

Rhiannon and I really enjoyed those, too!

sheila said...

But my garbage cans are plastic! We inherited them when we bought this house. Does plastic make a good sound, I wonder?

I will never forget seeing Fame when I was very young and in Peru. I went to see it twice more before I left for another country, It was one of those "Gosh, the cool things people do with their bodies!" moments for me, and even though it seems so dated and trash-glam, I still remember those first moments fondly.

Anne said...

Too cool. We'll have to get that from the library soon. Funny, I was in the music store the other day, and while walking through the drum section was having a flashback to when the boys were little, making drum sets with found items, boxes, pots and pans, cans. Yes, plastic works, anything hollow really.