Saturday, 20 January 2007

Knitting Drama

Every knitter has something they dread will happen and for me that fear was realized today. I dropped a stitch. I’ve been knitting for years and have never dropped a stitch before - sure sometimes a stitch goes missing but since nothing is unraveling, I just cast on another stitch and carry on my merry way. But today was different. I looked in horror at the ladder of yarn the dropped stitch had traveled down. And this wasn’t at the beginning of a project - this was quite far into the knitting of my sock (that might be too small for my foot, but for now I’ll remain in denial about that particular matter). After wiping my tears away, I looked in my knitting instruction book under “dropping a stitch” and realized just how simple it was to pick it back up. Armed with my trusty crochet hook, I repaired my sock and carried on knitting. A bit of a stressful way to start the day but in the end I felt a real sense of accomplishment. Another step towards being a Master Knitter!

p.s. Happy Birthday Dad!!


Nicola said...

Well done, Samantha, you fixed it all on your own. I'm proud of you!

Samantha said...

Thanks! When I noticed what had happened, my first thought was "when will I see Nicola?"

Anonymous said...

Hope it wasn't my headband!

love momma

Katherine said...

Now you know why I ALWAYS have crochet hooks with me when I knit. I'm amazed with all your knitting you haven't had this problem sooner. I guess I must be more prone to this knitting error.