Friday, 26 January 2007

Knitting progress

Here's a better photo of the yarn - I just ran outside and caught the last of the daylight. This is the first half of the first sleeve. I thought I'd knit a sleeve first to be sure of my gauge. Initially I had to use dpns as there were only 44 stitches but when I reached 56 I managed to stretch them around a circular. I'm using 4.5mm/US#7. Unfortunately, my gauge is slightly tighter on the dpns than on the circ, probably because the work is getting stretched as I knit, so I will have to wait until I've finished the sleeve and measure my gauge on the widest part near the top. I may have to adjust the body stitches, though of course my gauge might change again with a longer circ. Sigh!


Samantha said...

That yarn is gorgeous Nicola! I can't believe how much you've done already. You're amazing!

Katherine said...

Ohhh, what pretty yarn! You're certainly going to have a very beautiful sweater, Nicola!