Sunday, 28 January 2007

Sleeves are done...

The sleeves are knitted up to the armhole (18 inches) for my seamless raglan. I have been knitting in every available moment and I think I did pretty well to do them in three days! I started a new ball of yarn for the second sleeve and was very pleased to see that the variegation matches on the sleeves. Tomorrow, when my hands have had a chance to rest, I'll cast on for the body. I hope I get the gauge right, because I don't want to have to rip back - though I probably wouldn't have to redo the ribbing, and that's the part that I don't particularly like. I will put in some short rows up the back, as per EZ's advice, to avoid the "riding up in the back" problem. The last raglan sweater I made was seamed, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this one comes together.

Looks like I'll be wearing this sweater before the cold weather is over!

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