Saturday, 13 January 2007

Raw food rocks!

Raw food rocks!

I started a 21 day commitment to 100 per cent raw food last Monday. I always feel so healthy and energetic when I avoid cooked food. It's been easy to stick to it - until tonight when I served up tonight's dinner to the rest of the family. Those potatoes smelled so good, it would have been easy to eat one, but I didn't. My willpower is assisted by the fact that I have only committed to the 21 days...if I told myself that I had to give up cooked food for ever, my subconscious would rebel and I'd start craving something!

A few years ago, I read Nature's First Law which convinced me that raw food is what we're meant to live on (it makes sense if you consider that humans are the only "animals" that cook their food and we're the ones who suffer from all those degenerative diseases).

I always lose weight when I go raw, which is my main reason for doing it, so it's easier in the spring and summer. When the cooler weather arrives in the fall, I usually am tempted by the usual comfort foods - soup, bread, potatoes. For now, however, I am enjoying the feeling of virtuousness ;o)

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