Sunday, 14 January 2007

Almost FOs

Here's a photo of two recent almost-finished objects. The red sweater actually still has some ends to darn in, and neither sweater has the buttons sewn on the shoulders yet. The yarn is TLC Wiggles. It's a fun yarn to look at, with little multi-coloured "worms" wound around the plain coloured background yarn, but it's not so fun to knit. Those worms can catch on the needles and you have to be careful not to knit them as stitches. I guess they're about a 3 month old baby size - I didn't check my gauge, I just knitted the second size up (an old Emu Yarns pattern that I've had for years). They are for a friend who's expecting twins - a boy and a girl. I have learned two things from knitting these....(a) I like to make things once and then move on to something new and (b) I hate sewing the pieces together and darning all those ends in and I'm going to knit everything in the round and seamless from now on! My Elizabeth Zimmermann books are on their way from Amazon right now and I can't wait!!!

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