Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Not Bleah, Mmmm!

So, W has succumbed to the cold he was fighting. I guess the 3 flights [with germ laden air] to get home, the lack of sleep and the change in climate were just a little too much for his immune system - possibly the sugar in his little brother's birthday cake didn't help either. He is down for the count on the couch and I have been topping him up with garlic tea to help with his throat - "garlic tea, bleah," you say but don't knock it 'til you try it, it is actually quite delicious.

Good and Good For You Garlic Tea

Cut 1 good sized clove of garlic into pieces and put into tea cup
Pour boiling water over and steep at least 5 minutes (I cover mine with a plate to keep in all the good stuff)
Add a dollop of honey ( or maple syrup for vegans)
Add juice from half a lemon or a few spoonfuls of bottled lemon juice

Drink up - you could choose to eat the garlic too if you are really keen otherwise just leave it at the bottom of the mug and enjoy the tea

At any rate, not a lot going on around here today for any organized learning type activity so I am using the time to get to some looong put off jobs. I actually have been putting all the scraps of recipes, culled from magazines, newspapers and various other sources, into my "recipe" binder. This is a binder that has sat around for, oooh, maybe 8 years now with a lovely cover titled Heather's Recipes [made by my S-I-L] but filled only with poor, sad blank pages with no recipes inside - O.K, actually not true, it was filled with great wads of torn pages waiting to be nicely cut to size and glued to paper. So with a little help from the boys and their gluesticks I did some cutty, cutty, paste, paste [why did we used to call it that?] and there you have it, a freshly organized binder. I think it took all of 20 minutes while listening to Jim Weiss tell the tale of Theseus - can anyone listen to the ending of this and not want to cry?. A good start all in all, now I just need to find the other binder full of recipes that I moved when we remodelled the kitchen and get it done once and for all. Maybe if I can find the knitting binder I just started I can get that caught up too, seems like a good time of year for a bit of organizing.


Nicola said...

I organized my knitting binder (which became TWO binders when I realised how much stuff was in there) but my recipes are a mess. Yes, it takes longer to get around to the job than doing the job itself.

Katherine said...

Well done! Bet you feel better with getting organized. Should make it easier to find your recipes - especially when your friends want to copy one from you!

Samantha said...

Just make sure you alter your recipes so that they really are your recipes ;o)