Monday, 12 February 2007

"Ripit, Ripit"

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that last night I reached the neck of my sweater and was really pleased with how the yoke looked. I tried it on and the fit around the shoulders is perfect. Here's the bad news - the body is too short. I could leave it and wear it and put up with it, but I know I'm more likely to enjoy wearing it if I make it longer. So it's time for frogging back down to the point where the sleeves and body were united so I can add a couple of inches to the length, then redo the yoke. It's not that bad - the yoke seemed to knit up surprisingly quickly - and I did make a mistake in the decreasing, missing a pair of increases in one place, which left me with a couple of extra stitches by the time I reached the neck.

Heather's idea of getting the spring cleaning done early is a good one, as she spends hours and hours in her yard every spring. Me, I love the winter, because I don't feel obliged to think about my garden at all! I like seeing the house clean and tidy and I love eating the produce from the garden, but I wish it could all happen without any effort from me!!

My son L has a library book called That Book of Perfectly Useless Information by Mitchell Symons, so I am going to pull out a snippet of perfectly useless information with which to end my post......

Did you know that there is a French red wine called Grand Dick and a French deodorant called Cock???

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