Thursday, 22 March 2007

The first day of Spring

Yesterday, I enjoyed a walk along an unexplored (by me) part of my city. The temperature was perfect for hiking and biking - not too cold or warm - the sun shone rather weakly, but it was there - and I was accompanied by a couple of friends, our children, a dog, and the rushing of the creek. The two teens above (Katherine's and my sons - WHEN did they get so big) prefer to experience the outdoors on two wheels. After our hike, my son insisted on visiting the bike shop to buy himself a Camelbak. Now he's all set to go out for long rides.

This was one of my reasons for hiking in this area - Layer Cake Mountain - a perfect example of layers of rock laid down by ancient volcanic activity.

The canyon walls were sheer, the rock formations fascinating, the caves VERY interesting to young boys! Shame about the graffiti - AND the rusting rotting heap of a Chevy Nova which we assume reached its final resting place by being pushed over the cliff above, which rose a few hundred feet above our heads.

The icy patches in the foreground show that winter's fingers are still trying to hold on where the sun can't reach.


Heather said...

E and I are guessing that it was L who identified that rotting heap as a Nova?????

Nicola said...

Yes, it was! It was pretty far gone!