Thursday, 22 March 2007

What did you do all day?

Recently I received an emailed joke titled What Did You Do All Day? It described a husband coming home to a disaster in his house; he walked through the house, past all manner of messes to finally find his wife, the mother of his children, sitting in bed reading. When he asked her what could possibly be the matter, were the kids O.K, what on earth had happened in their house, she answered him thus. "You know how you always ask me what I do all day, I did not do it."

I thought that was very funny indeed, especially all the details about the messes the joke described. I could almost picture the family's day taking place. Now, my husband is way too evolved to ever ask such a question of me (or maybe he is smart enough to be very afraid to ever ask?) but if he did want to know, today I could certainly show him by way of our own messes. I have been sick and have decided to not even care about getting to my usual daily round of tidying...and believe shows depressingly quickly around here. Possibly the fact that I have 4 dogs running round my backyard, with wet feet, in and out of my newly fluffed and composted garden beds(aaargh) and then trying to come into my house via the backporch is adding to this mess?? The muddy tracks which march through my kitchen don't look like my own dog's prints but I suppose they could be. Serves me right for agreeing to such nonsense as 3 extra dogs.

*and now maybe the joke is on me, because as I look at these pictures I realize that it doen't look any messier than usual really, except for the extra dog prints. Oh my!

On a happier note - I think this is somewhat how the backsplash in my kitchen will look. S has been convinced to use the rocks( ha ha ha, ve haf our vays) and so now we just need to figure out a way to put them on. Any ideas would be welcome. ;-)


Andrea said...

I like how you assume that at least one dog is absolutely necessary!

Heather said...

Well, yes! ;-)

You know the funny thing about taking care of friends' dogs is that if you ever thought your own dog was annoying, he won't seem so bad after having other animals to stay.
Hmmm, wonder if that holds true for kids too??

Mary-Sue said...

oh yes! it definitely holds true for kids too! hee!
love LOVE the rocks as backsplash! i've seen similar idea done for birdhouses, placed into some sort of concrete? do update as i'd love to do this in my bathroom s.o.m.e.d.a.y...