Saturday, 24 March 2007

Treasures From Russia

Sorry I have been missing from the posting frenzy lately! I am enjoying some time with my husband (R) before he goes back to Russia (in less then two weeks). I thought I would share some of the treasures he brought back from his first trip.
Could any Hockey fan not buy a handpainted matryoshka of their favourite team? Not likely! I'm surprised he only came back with one set...
The handmade flower is from Maslaneetsa - an annual festival to welcome Spring. It fared pretty well on the 30 hour journey home.
The yarn is from a small shop in Zeleznogorsk. R tells quite the tale of long dark hallways travelled to find me yarn.
R also came home speaking words from a new language and is teaching us a little every day.


Heather said...

Those Canuck "dolls" are very cool. Can I say "ha ha R has a set of dolls"? Best not to, probably. Did they paint those for him while he was there or is it not an unusual thing to have them painted with a Canadian hockey team jersey. I never would have thought they would have them like that.
Nice yarn - he has good taste that hubby of yours - well obviously, he picked you, didn't he!

Katherine said...

Very cool! So glad you shared these foreign treasures with us, Samantha.
Is it safe to post the Russian words that R has been teaching you? ;o)

Samantha said...

All very nice words (mostly) that I could use in conversation.

The Canuck dolls were actually for L :o) They were already painted and he had to go to many shops to find Canuck ones. Lots of other teams available though. And yes, my hubby has fabulous taste ;o)

Katherine said...

Forgot to ask what you plan to knit with the pretty yarn from Russia.

Samantha said...

I haven't figured that out with. It's very soft.