Friday, 27 April 2007

Clear Thinking

I'm in the middle of reading the book on the left. I had no idea how much this book would get me looking at my life. Sure, this book teaches technique to declutter and organize the home, but also directs me to think about what I have in my home in relation to how I visualize my life. Hmmmmm. My home should support my vision of life. Simple concept. Then I look around at what surrounds me in my home. Let's just say that I'm on my way to aligning my surroundings with what I envision.

The area that has really hit home with me is the items I have kept due to memories attached to the item. The author says we often hold onto these items from a fear of losing the memory. Ouch! That hit the mark - as my mind traversed through the inventory of items I've clung to despite the fact that many of these items hold no practical purpose in my present.

I like the author's ideas in dealing with ways to separate the memory from the item while still preserving the memory in a way that will honour and respect it. For example taking a photo of the precious creations from my sons' early childhood as opposed to storing the items in boxes. The concept presented takes the power away from the object while returning it to me. I know how liberating it will feel to not have stuff that does not enable me to live my life as I envision or one that holds me prisoner because of fear of loss. I'm choosing to face the clutter on the outside as I see now that it started with thoughts and feelings I've had. Ah, the power of the mind!

I have clearer insight into why I've kept certain things in the first place. I have items that I've procrastinated on dealing with. For example I have certain baby furniture in storage. I always said it was because "what if we have another child?". Now I'm thinking, what if it was really my way of justifying hanging onto items because of the wonderful memories attached to them - namely, my sons' babyhood and early years? Perhaps I have been afraid to let go because I inwardly fear losing those memories? This train of thought leads to the idea I could be saying that I'm also afraid that these are the best memories of my life. Whoa! That is sad to consider. Also silly, because my sons and I are still creating memories. Yet, if I focus too much energy on the past, I'm not really in the present. Better to give my energy to now than in holding onto fears and living in the past.

I thank the author for this book and the wake-up call it has been for me. Clear thinking precedes action and I have every intention of living the life I envision. On with the decluttering (inside and out)!!!


Samantha said...

I really enjoyed (and was motivated) by this book as well. It helped me rid my home of boxes of clutter and begin the journey of getting rid of my baby items as well.
Thanks for sharing your experiences in reading this book - it helped remind me of my ongoing decluttering "project".

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Let me try that again.;-)

I felt the same way Katherine and Samantha. I forget his exact wording but the bit he said about asking yourself, "Does this item contribute to my life the way I want my life to look?" or something like that was really good for me to hear. It offered me a simple way to work through things when dealing with the things I have held onto ( I can so relate to that K.) Not to say that I have been able to get rid of all my childhood treasures or everything from the boys' babyhood but I think I am getting better. Glad to hear it motivated you so much too K. Do you know the quote I mean? Can you remind me of it, please.