Monday, 30 April 2007

Sew Weekend

Had a great weekend doing things I love. Gardening, knitting, reading and even some sewing. Thought I'd share a couple of the things I sewed up this weekend. The above tote is made from thrifted fabric I posted about a little while back. For some reason I didn't think I had anything that would coordinate with it. Then I found this lovely teal cotton in my stash that a friend had given me years ago... My favourite detail with this tote is the inside pocket. It's only attached to the tote at the top edge. The next time I think I will make the tote larger, though. This seems more suited to being a purse than usable for books or groceries.

The next photo shows how I put to use some bamboo handles I recently picked up at the thrift store along with fabric I love and have admired in my stash for far too long. (Of course Nicola will recognize this fabric as it is what I made her birthday gift from last year...)
A peek inside shows that yes, I had to do the pocket thing again. I just love having pockets to hold my keys separate from the main compartment ( I don't like having to empty everything out in the mad search for the keys at the bottom!) I still have some handsewing to complete on the other weekend projects before I share them online. Hope to soon show what I whipped up using those thrifted sweaters that I felted.


Heather said...

Ooh, I especially love the one with the bamboo handles - what a thrift store score that was. And hey, wasn't it you teasing me about my having a bag fetish - looks like you are getting quite a collection yourself. ;-) Now you can be a bag lady Samantha, not that kind of bag lady...not the Colin Firth kind of "bag" lady, that I know comes to mind as soon as I say that. And you might as well save your breath and not bother trying to tell me that you weren't thinking about it cuz we all know you were.

Samantha said...

Ha ha Heather! Actually, that thought never came to my mind and it is especially funny because you say that you won't believe me if I tell you I wasn't thinking it. Deep down, we all know who has her mind in the gutter (which is made quite obvious in he above comment)

p.s. Katherine, your bags are lovely! (Heather, I'm talking about her the bags that she has sewn - just thought I had better make that clear ;o)