Monday, 2 April 2007

Hand-made with love

I am happy to share photos of the baby gifts I recently made for my dear friend J's soon-be-born twins. The above photo is the "gift" bag I delivered my gifts in. Since J is an Amy Butler fan, I chose the paisley print fabric from Amy's Belle line to make this tote for J. The tote has a zippered top and a round bottom along with a pocket for her cell phone on the inside (see top of photo shown below for a glimpse of the inside of the lined tote). Rather than wrapping the gift or using a paper gift bag, I tucked the completly hand-made matching outfits for J's daughter and son into the tote.

Above is the polar fleece top and matching rolled cuff denim pants for baby B along with felted Mary-Jane's and my favourite - teeny tiny hand knitted socks! I added a print fabric pocket to the top and two matching pockets to the back of the pants which have all been embroidered along their top edges just for fun.
Here is baby T's outfit. His pants are corduroy instead of the stretch denim and he has knitted booties instead of Mary-Janes to keep his toes cozy. Can I tell you how delighted I was to find sock yarn with the colourway found in the Amy Butler cotton print used for all the pockets? I love self-striping yarn!

Here are the baby socks I gave to J (along with an extra pair I knit from some red self-striping yarn I had on hand...) placed next to the pair of adult sized socks I knit for myself - just to give you a scale of comparison. Funny thing is that I cast on 32sts. for the baby socks and 64sts for the adult version. Hard to believe that half the stitches yields a sock so delightfully teeny!
It was so much fun making this gift for J and looking forward to her using these in the coming months. Best of all, is that we shall soon be meeting these much anticipated babes in person!


Nicola said...

These gifts are so beautiful, Katherine - you are such a talented seamstress.

Katherine said...

Thank you for your kind words, Nicola. Also thanks for your talent in finishing the grafting in the socks! You're my knitting inspiration ;o)

Heather said...

Gush, gush, gush!! It's just all so lovely, beautifully done and so teeny, tiny cute. That bag is so gorgeous and useful - you really are the...ooh, I was going to say Queen Bag Lady but that doesn't really sound so nice does it? ;-)You know what I mean though.
What adorable little outfits - you really have a knack for putting things together in such creative ways - the results are always so lovely. It is no wonder that you are our sewing guru. What a beautiful and practical gift.

Anonymous said...

we LOVE all these amazing little pieces of clothing! i can feel the love that went into each piece. thanks again Katherine. and the bag....i love it and will get so much use out it. now we need some babes to put in the clothing! soon!
xoxo jacq

Mary-Sue said...

WOW. my jaw has dropped so low and i think i'm drooling. these are absolutely GORGEOUS!