Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Just a little pet peeve.....

I haven't done a pet peeve list yet (and do you really want to get me started Nicola? Could be dangerous.) but the other day we went into town and I noticed a sign that really annoyed me. On a main intersection on the highway there used to be a gas station which is now closed. I can tell it is closed because of the chain link fence all the way around it blocking the entrances. The fact that there is no building left and the gas pumps are gone is also a pretty good indication that, yes, the station is, in fact, closed. In case these teensy clues had escaped your notice and you thought maybe you would drive through the fence and up onto the huge piles of dug-up gravel so that you could fill up, the company has done something to help you out. They've put a huge sign on the fence that reads - This station is closed, please give us a ding at our other locations. Isn't it great that they took the time to make a sign that tells us the station is closed? What on earth we would have done without that valuable information I cannot say. ( I'm not saying that there isn't a valid reason to tell where the other locations are but to state that the station is closed is ridiculous ) So anyway, I guess stating the exceedingly obvious is one of my pet peeves. (But I'm alright with sarcasm)

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