Thursday, 12 April 2007


**Warning - Samantha - Close Your Eyes! - Do Not Read Any Further! - I am about to do a little venting about Mike Holmes. Nothing bad about Mike, mind you, just about the result of watching his show.
We recently got these from the libary. They are a lot of fun to watch and we all really enjoy them. However, the results of watching a whole season's worth in three weeks can be changing, in fact.

We are pretty big into DIY around here. We've redone a bathroom, taken off a leaky roof and put on a new roof, put in carpet, tile and laminate wood floors, done all kinds of outdoor landscaping projects. We've done plumbing, electricity, new hot water tank and too many other things to mention or even remember, but this kitchen reno is taking us a little longer than we thought. Today as I was sanding and puttying drywall (yet again), I thought to myself - Blast that Mike Holmes. ( there, I've said I will cower in my kitchen while I wonder if Samantha is going to come barging into my house and "teach me " not to talk about Mike that way). The problem is that I used to be able to quite happily slap-dash my way through many a home improvement and now, it seems, I just can't do it anymore. I keep looking at my kitchen walls (where I had to take tons of old tiles off leaving me with loads of adhesive gobs and holes, and try to repair it for paint instead of tile) and thinking what would Mike say? And the answer is a resounding, "Unacceptable!"

(this is what the drywall looks like that I am trying to make nice enough to paint over)

What's a slap-dasher to do? I would gladly have Mike and his crew come to my house and fix it (duh! - and not just because of the tank top, lovely muscles and overalls thing either), but I don't see that happening. So I am left to mend my slap-dashing ways, and it is time-consuming, I can tell you. I can't tell you how pleased my perfectionist father will be to hear of this turn-around in my approach to home improvement (many a time I have seen fear in his eyes when I offer to do a job on his reno), perhaps I will get more jobs in the redoing area of my folks place instead of all the demo jobs. ;-)
At any rate, I better get back to the kitchen, it is time to sand some more and then hopefully I can apply some primer. I really want to put on my rock backsplash and just be done with it.

And here is a little peek at some future home handymen . E with a hammer that big? Be afraid!!


Nicola said...

Thank you for a good laugh. I would probably be a slap-dasher just like you, except my perfectionist Do It Right the First Time husband would never let me find out!!! Maybe R should start wearing overalls and tank tops too - hee hee.

Samantha said...

See, Mike makes us all better renovators!! Always think to yourself "What would Mike do?" Then throw on your tank top and overalls and make it right!!!