Sunday, 8 April 2007


I love traditions. They are something that I don't really give much thought to most of the time, as they are just a part of my life. It is only when I am talking to other people who don't have the same traditions that I really realize how important they are to me. I am grateful to my parents for taking the time to give me these traditions. As a parent I now realize that it was a bit of work for them to keep these up and make them a priority. I am pleased to carry on many of them with my boys and also to add new ones to our lives as well.

Here is one of my favorite tradtions.

And this one is pretty good too!!


Hey, how come we don't have a label for chocolate?? That must be an oversight on our part.

**O.K. - I've fixed it, we now have a chocolate really is a must-have!

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Katherine said...

So, I guess you did spend some time indoors this weekend, gardening girl. Pretty colours for the eggs you dyed.

In regards to not having 'chocolate' as a label yet on our blog... seems to me this is an amazing oversight. I know how much of an importance chocolate plays in your life, so how could you have missed including it as a label? (I hold you personally responsible for this, Heather).