Friday, 6 April 2007

Who do we believe?

I have watched Al Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, and found it very believable. But tonight I was watching another video, The Global Warming Swindle, on Google Video. This documentary, which was made for British TV, was also very believable.

Al Gore showed us a graph that seemed to indicate that carbon dioxide levels and the earth's temperature went up and down together, leading us to believe that the increased CO2 was causing the higher temperatures. However, in The Global Warming Swindle, we are told that the temperatures went up first, THEN the CO2 increased a few hundred years later.

Apparently, the greatest cause of global warming is....the sun. Sounds obvious, doesn't it? Increased solar activity has historically resulted in a warmer earth. Our oceans are the main producers of carbon dioxide but, because of the size of the oceans, changes are very slow. The video stated that it cannot be human activities of the last 60 years that are causing current global warming and weather changes, because the cause of these effects probably occurred hundreds of years ago.

It really makes me wonder what to believe, and I feel that once again we are all being manipulated by the people who are funding one side or another. Obviously, there's an agenda here, and I think we have to follow our own intuition as to what is right for us.


Anonymous said...

I know where you are coming from. I have also heard reputable people disputing the fact that co2 levels and global warming are connected. They all, however, believe that the spike in co2 levels is bad for the environment and should be changed.

I personally don't mind the hype about global warming even if it is not totally accurate. The majority of the world's population is asleep to environmental issues. It takes a "global crisis" - whether real or fictitious to make most people think about making changes.

I think back to the Acid Rain scare of the 80's. There was a lot of hype and slowly things started to change. I think it is possible then also that the original data was sensationalized.

Heather said...

I would agree with Amanda. I'll take the hype if it actually gets people thinking consciously about the way that they are living and what consequences that has for the Earth.
It makes no difference to me whether Al Gore has an "agenda" or not. It seems logical to me that people simply cannot continue living the way that we are without damaging the can it not? Look at what we are doing? How can our modern-day way of life not affect the Earth?'ve hit a sore spot!

Samantha said...

Last month I was peeked through the Inconvenient Truth book and they had a break down of basically how much damage each country was doing. The US was over 30% and Europe was near that. Canada was 2%. That left me feeling like no matter what I do, it really wont make a difference. No matter what Canada does, it really wont make that big a difference (and electing that loser Harper was a step in the wrong direction!)

I do want to make a better Earth for my child though. I'm chosing to concentrate on things I can change like waste I put out and choices in the food I buy (local, organic if possible). We have to do what is right for us.

And all politions have an agenda ;o) The media is there to help them along in brainwashing us with whatever is convenient for them. I could probably go off on about 10 separate rants here but I wont - because I'm such an easy-going person. :o)

Nicola said...

I wrote that post quickly and without a lot of detail, but I do want to add that whether global warming is really happening, whether it's something we should be concerned about, or whether humans are contributing to it, I do think that we should all do our part to ensure our planet/air/water/food is kept as clean as possible - or we just might not survive. The point of my post was that I am not going to take sides on the global warming issue but I will continue to try and be a responsible consumer.