Tuesday, 26 June 2007


These were the first cherries off our tree this summer. Maybe not quite as ripe as they could have been, but I'm impatient. The rest I will leave until they are a deeper shade of red, almost black.

Today I went to one of the U-pick places in town for strawberries. Now I think I am quite an organised person - I made soup and bread in the morning because I knew I would be out late, I washed and dried the taekwondo uniforms so that we would be prepared to go straight to a class after youngest son went to a birthday party, I had buckets ready for filling with strawberries. However, two thoughts belatedly hit me this afternoon which could have ruined my plans - first, were they open for picking, and second, did I have enough cash? Thankfully, they were open, and I checked my purse for cash and found about $7 in there. Hmm, at 99 cents a pound, that wasn't going to buy a huge quantity of strawberries. Oh well, I just decided to fill up one bucket, estimating that it might hold about 5 pounds. My guess was about right - the fruit and bucket weighed about 6 pounds, for which I was charged $5.50 to allow for the weight of the bucket. K and I probably wouldn't have had Heather's stamina at picking strawberries anyway - we quickly tired of bending and sweating over those strawberry plants - but we have enjoyed eating some of the strawberries this evening. SO much better than the hard tasteless imports.


Heather said...

O.K, there is the big difference between you and I, I don't like to go picking with less than $60 in my wallet. Seven dollars? If I'm gonna make the effort to go pick then I'm gonna pick....a lot. It isn't really that I don't get tired of bending over the plants, it is just that I know how good those berries will taste in the winter and that keeps me picking long after my back is sore. :-) Wanna go again today?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cherries. This is the first year I've ever had a peach tree and I had quite a fun time picking them.

ipsa said...

I used to stay at my sister's farm in the summers when I was a pre-teen/teenage. I hated picking strawberries (that was my daily job) and I would take HOURS just to pick half an icecream bucket- well, it felt like hours. LOL.

But what a bargain! And it would be lovely to have a bunch of tasteful frozen strawberries (vs. the untasteful types) in my freezer. Hm. Getting a little late in the season now.