Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Delicious dinner ideas!

This isn't very colourful but it is very yummy! It is our own version of a Greek style dinner.

Spanikopitas, brown rice cooked in a veggie broth, and lemon potatoes are what is pictured but you could also serve pita with tzatziki or hummus and a Greek salad (this meal is actually from the winter so tomatoes and cucumbers at that time are very pricey and not so tasty!)

Another favourite dinner is pizza!! The rest of my family chooses to throw some cheese on theirs but I don't eat dairy anymore and I don't want to use soy or rice cheese. Honestly, I don't miss the cheese at all.

Pizza is great because all you have to do is chop up a bunch of different toppings and let everyone make their own. I use homemade pizza dough (so easy and so cheap!), tomato sauce and a variety of toppings - this one has veggie pepperoni, spinach, olives, red and yellow peppers, zucchini and tomato.


Anonymous said...

It looks delicious Samantha. I haven't quite mastered the spanikopitas myself. I'm waiting for my favourite daughter-in-law to help me get it right.
Any chance of the pizza being modified to a campfire version. It looks like a great alternative to the veggie burgers and dogs. Maybe another use for the ultimate cast iron pan and lid.

sulu-design said...

Mmmm... that top dish looks great. I live in a neighborhood that is home to many Greek immigrants, which means there are tons of great Greek restaurants here. Maybe that's why I never thought to make my own Greek dishes. I gotta get rid of the take-out menus and open a cookbook. Your post has inspired me!

Nicola said...

Looks good, Samantha. We like Heather's greek potatoes and a greek salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and the fake feta from How It All Vegan. Just had a Greek vegetarian cookery book from the library if you're interested.

Samantha said...

I'll have to check that book out Nicola, thanks. I love Greek!

Sulu-design - the great thing about making it yourself is doubling (or tripling) the recipe and having lots of leftovers :)

Mak - I'm sure your fave d-i-l could easily be persuaded into spanikopita making lessons although i have to admit that your fave son did the rolling on those ones. He is more of a perfectionist then I am and mine are no where near as perfect :)