Sunday, 17 June 2007

Meet Tacky the Teapot

A lazy damp Sunday at home gave me plenty of time to create a little sweater for my "new" thrift store teapot. I can't say for sure what this yarn is....maybe Jiffy Thick and Quick or something like that. It was knitted on 8mm needles up one side and down the other, with a little shaping to narrow it over the lid, and I sewed up the sides leaving holes for the spout and handle. The teapot lid is very loose so this will work well to keep the lid on while I'm pouring, as well as keep my tea hotter for a little longer.

And these are some very tiny potatoes that we pulled out of our garden today. They were the rogue plants that appeared from potatoes that we missed last year. Cooked for 10 minutes with a sprig of mint and covered in Earth Balance Buttery Spread, they were yummy.


Heather said...

Ooh, those look good. We like them with dill, garlic and butter. The boys were watching a movie with S yesterday and there was a character from Jersey who got very mad when someone said to him that, "Nothing good ever came from Jersey but potatoes and milk cows." It made my feel very defensive for you, although I must say he rather had a point about the potatoes from the looks of yours. :-)

Anonymous said...

Jersey's known for it's potatoes?
The tea cozy is cute, don't you think that it could double as a hat though?

Heather said...

And the holes for the spout and handle would be ear holes?? Careful might get one for a gift.

Nicola said...

When L saw me finishing it off, he thought it was a hat, but did wonder what the holes in the sides were for! Maybe for people who want to listen to their iPods.

Yes, Jersey Royals are very famous in Britain.

Katherine said...

Fresh taters! Oh, man, my fave! I always remember that first feed of new potatoes each summer. Makes me want to head to the farm to enjoy that first of the season treat.

Hey! You might be onto something there, Nicola. You could knit a line of hats for ipod users. How clever!