Saturday, 16 June 2007

Happy thrifting

Middle son K attended a St John's Ambulance Lifesaver Course yesterday afternoon. He learned lots, including CPR, treating burns, poisoning, seizures and bleeding, using an epi-pen and asthma inhaler, recognizing the signs of shock or heart attack. This is something I think all of us would benefit from learning (I did a course myself a few years ago but haven't been back for a refresher).

While he was busy, I had four hours of free time around town. I used it to do the week's grocery shopping so I didn't have to do it at the weekend. I visited Michaels for some glass beads and stretchy cord so I could make some bracelets and more earrings (and used my 40 per cent off coupon). And I went to the Salvation Army thrift store to see what I could find.

I was pleased to find an Osterizer blender. Mine is a 14 speed with a plastic jug. It used to have a glass one, until aforementioned son dropped it while helping with the dishes and smashed it on the kitchen floor (now he would tell me that just proves that kids shouldn't do chores, eh!). Thanks to my good friend Anne, who gave me her old blender, we have been able to continue to make our smoothies with a plastic jug. But when I saw that the Sally Ann was selling this 10 speed with a glass jug for $10, I had to buy it - it looks new and is way cleaner than mine! I mean, how many speeds do you need on a blender anyway?

I also scored a teapot (the old one is really cracked and I'm getting the urge to knit a teacosy to celebrate finding a "new" one), two board games, a plain white T shirt (no telling how long it'll be before it's no longer white but it looks great at the moment) and a long denim skirt.

I think I look pretty good in the new duds, happily wearing them out to brunch today, but the kids obviously don't agree. The teen says it looks like someone took a pair of jeans and cut them up (and I assured him that, yes, some people actually DO that but this skirt was made as a skirt out of the same fabric as jeans) and middle son (yes, THAT troublemaker) said something like, "Are you going out in THAT today?" Isn't that supposed to be MY line? You know, when one's teenager is going out showing too much skin and wearing too much makeup (although as I only have boys, that problem probably won't arise)!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you looked beautiful. When do we get to try out your new teapot?

Katherine said...

You're right, I think we don't have to worry about too much skin be exposed in the clothing our sons choose. Instead, we wonder if they have anything that isn't stained, ripped or too short. I even have to get them up to speed on what seasonal attire is appropriate - not sure why I have a son who persists in wearing long sleeved flannel shirts in the summer... (oh, sorry there, Samantha, but you know it isn't as if he's wearing these to garden in...)