Thursday, 7 June 2007

More odds and sods

Did you know it's Worldwide Knit in Public Day on Saturday June 9th? Looks like there are lots of events where people can gather with their knitting, but I'll be at a Taekwondo tournament with my 11 year old son on Saturday. I'll be sure to take my knitting in case of any lulls in the activity. I won't actually be competing, just watching K, and probably helping out by being a timekeeper/runner.

It was a pretty uneventful morning around here. In fact, I decided to mow the grass this afternoon just to have something different to do! When I had finished, I came back in the house via the back door, calling to my two younger kids as I wanted to remind them to go up the road to the neighbour's house and take in their mail.

On my way up the stairs from the basement, what do I find but the two aforementioned children, near the front door, accompanied by a police officer! I didn't know what the hell was going on until the officer told me that a 911 call had been received from my house. I looked at the boys and asked them what they had been doing. Turns out they had been playing with the phone and accidentally dialed the numbers that called the emergency services. The police officer had to follow protocol and take a look around the house to make sure there was nothing amiss, and he wrote down my name, address, phone number and date of birth. I apologised to him on behalf of my kids for wasting his time.

After he left, there was some serious talking to be done. They said they were bored so I made sure to remind them that there was a trampoline and some perfectly good bikes that were out there gathering dust, plus their housesitting job still left undone. And I made them each empty a compost bucket as well!


Anonymous said...

Too funny! I bet you were were rolling on the floor laughing afterwards. No? Well, maybe in a few years.

Katherine said...

Yikes, Nicola! That would've given me a few more grey hairs... Well, at least you know that emergency response actually responds ;o)