Thursday, 28 June 2007

Revealing the stash!

While taking stock of what yarn I have (and trying to get some projects in mind), I couldn't help but notice the lovely rainbow of yarn I have.

This is it all, excluding the bits left over from previous projects and the yarn currently being used in WIPs. Some of the yarn has a project in mind (like the sock yarn and the white wool for a sweater), other yarn is just waiting for me to be inspired.

And here is my fabric stash. This old shelf was destined to the garage until I thought that maybe displaying my fabric might motivate and inspire me (and it looks so pretty!!)

Most of my stash has a project in mind and is just waiting for me to find the time. But seeing it displayed like this makes me realize I don't really have that much fabric. I mean, it's not like the shelf is packed full...


Heather said...

They're not really full at all...I think you better hit the half price fabric sale at Sally Ann next time. Just try to get there before Katherine or there will be nothing left. ;-O
Love the looks of all your sock yarn and that rainbow of wool.

ipsa said...

Oooo, I love the colours in your stash - it's like a yarn rainbow!

Nicola said...

Is that all Peruvian Highland Wool in that lovely rainbow across the top? V tempting to collect every colour when it comes in such a pretty range!

You definitely need more fabric - those shelves look way too empty.

Katherine said...

OH my! The colours of yarn are very inspiring...and they look so pretty the way you've arranged them.

Hmmmm. Here I thought I'd had some influence on you concerning fabric stashes. tsk, tsk. We really need to add to those shelves, Samantha. You are not a certified fabricaholic until you have more fabrics than shelf space. Really. ;o)

Ha, ha. Miss Heather. I do not clear out the fabric section at S.A. I was in there yesterday - on sale day - and I didn't buy any fabric. So there.