Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Sick of weeds?

So, since I am not sick of weeds yet ( I have been mulching with grass clippings and don't have a lot of weeds), I have another burdock post. These were made with hypertufa. We meant them to be a little deeper - more bowlish - so that they could be used as a bird bath. However, our first try has them looking more like they might make interesting fountain features instead. We are picturing water flowing into the smaller one and then out and down into the bigger one before flowing out into a pond. (no, we don't have a is just what we are picturing) I love the texture of these ones, they have a much more natural, rough look. There's E's hand to show the size of the leaves.

Now we are looking around for all the other things growing that might make good molds, maybe a maple leaf tufa wind chime, for sure a giant rhubarb leaf bird-bath.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, I want some!