Sunday, 10 June 2007

Wallowing in yarn

Two cute pairs of cotton socks for two cute twins (not mine, a friend's). These are knitted with elann esprit print (brazilia and canyon sunrise) on 4mm needles and according to the pattern should fit the twins when they are two to four years old. They have a fair bit of growing to do yet, being only two months old at present!

This photo might give you a better idea of the size--------->

The yarn I posted about yesterday has already been pressed into service (couldn't resist). Here's what I'm doing with the James C Brett Marble...

I cast on 3 stitches, knitted one row, then all subsequent rows are knit one, yarn over, knit to end. Hopefully the three skeins that I bought will be sufficient to make a shawl (and hopefully the fact that the first skein that I am using is a different dye lot from the other two won't be a problem)! I am using my size 10 US Denise needles, a few sizes larger than the recommended needle size but I wanted a fairly loose gauge.

This is a close-up of the knitted fabric. You might want to click on it to really appreciate the colours - there's a constant green throughout, with a second ply of grey/green/pink/brown - I love it ---------------------->

And finally...

I found a garter slip stitch pattern in this book which looked great with three colours, but I'm using all five of the Mission Falls colours that I bought on Friday. It looks complicated, but it's only two rows of each colour, using one at a time, and the slip stitches make it look harder than it really is. Again, I'm using my Denise needles, a couple of sizes larger than recommended for the yarn as slip stitches tend to reduce the row gauge. I'm hoping that there will be enough yarn for a scarf. This will be my "thinking" knitting for a while. The shawl is my mindless knitting!


Heather said...

Wow, you've been busy. Mindless knitting is my favourite kind. :-) All the things you've shown here look so lovely.

Katherine said...

No time for that yarn to just lay around your house waiting to be knitted up (unlike the yarn at my house...'nuff said).
The socks are so sweet! Can't wait to see the shawl progress, that yarn is so yummy!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, very lovely. I enlarged the shawl picture and thought it would make nice wallpaper.