Wednesday, 4 July 2007

De colores!

What do all these flowers have in common? They bloom every year with no effort from me!

My husband prunes the roses and I just enjoy them.

As for the calendula, one of my kids planted some one year and they self-seed and come up in the vegetable garden every year. They apparently have some bug-repelling qualities, but I'd let them stay even if they didn't - I love the yellow and orange flowers.

And the sunflowers have come up again in various places and they make an attractive natural border. This one, standing alone, is the first to bloom. The birds will love the seeds later on (as long as they leave a few to germinate next year).

Tomorrow - some of the edible things growing in my garden - in spite of my neglect (and thanks to dear husband).

1 comment:

Katherine said...

Love the colours! Aren't sunflowers just the happiest looking flowers? I planted some this spring, but mine are nowhere near the maturity of yours... so thanks for sharing photos of your blooming beauties.