Thursday, 5 July 2007

Food from the garden

I just love eating fruit and vegetables direct from the garden. Can't get fresher than that! Above are some bush tomatoes that R planted directly into a bag of potting soil and placed near the house where they get lots of heat and sun. Just have to remember to water them every day as they wilt fast.

These strawberries were delicious. This is a plant that appeared by itself in amongst the potatoes and the berries are huge in comparison to those in the official strawberry bed a few feet away.

For the first time, we have broccoli. Picked up a few plants at the same time as we bought the ivy geraniums for our hanging baskets back in May. Broccoli obviously likes our soil, as the plants are big and strong.

And a rather fuzzy shot of our redcurrants, which often get forgotten about, tucked over by the rhubarb as they are. Must remember to go out there and pick some later, before it gets too hot to leave the house!

As I said yesterday, kudos to R for getting out there on weekends and weeding the garden. If it was up to me, I probably wouldn't be able to find the fruit among the weeds!


Katherine said...

Lucky you to have married such a green thumb! Getting to enjoy the bounty without the dirty work... hmmm... no such luck for me. The yard work is mine to do unless I can rope one of my boys into helping.

Wow! I'm impressed with the broccoli, I only tried growing it one year and wasn't impressed. Too many earwigs! Ewwwwww.

I didn't realize you had a currant bush too - man, you have such an awesome yard with all the fruit trees, a walnut tree and a garden. I have gardener envy... ;o)

sulu-design said...

The currant bush is causing some serious envy over here! I've only had a window box with simple herbs (city living hasn't allowed for more), but now that we're moving I can't wait to have a garden like yours - and I'm leaving the pruning and such up to my husband, too!