Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Felted knits and Crochet

Like Samantha, I decided to use up bits from my yarn stash to knit a pair of clogs to felt. Like hers, mine have soles that are not the same colour - but hey, the whole point was to use up leftover bits of yarn. Pictured with the clogs is a pincushion (that is supposed to look like a cupcake) I crocheted using yarn that I dyed using Kool-Aid. I waited to felt the pincushion along with the clogs.

Here are my felting results:
Now I have sewn tote bags to carry my groceries, but in my pursuit to be more eco friendly when buying produce I needed something more. Well, here is an idea I had for removing those plastic produce bags from my shopping trips. I crocheted two produce intended bags from acrylic yarn scraps (I wanted those bags to be washable!). Here is what it looks like with some new potatoes inside the red bag to test my idea out.
Here is what it looks like when empty and with the drawstring top loosened.
Okay, maybe they're not pretty, but I'm hoping they'll be practical.


Roxanne said...

I think they are very pretty (and practical too). Those plastic produce bags are the worst - no real way to reuse them, but I can't stand having my apples roll all over the cart either. Great idea!!

Jade said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, Katherine. Oooh, your felted booties look so comfy! Except it'll be too hot where you are to wear now.

Fantastic Five said...

I love the way your clogs turned out. Both you and Nicola have inspired me to knit grocery bags. I think they are both practial and funky!

Fantastic Five said...

oops! I meant practical;-)


Amanda Jean said...

I LOVE your felted clogs! I really like it that the bottoms are a different color than the tops...they turned out really well.