Tuesday, 24 July 2007

A Quiet Place to Think with a View...

Upon seeing the glorious sunshine this morning, I knew it was time to get out of the house - that's not to say I haven't enjoyed the rain we've recently been having, afterall it has made everything so green and lovely... There's a trail close by that leads up above my neighbourhood and gives a lovely view of the lake. With a bench to perch upon after the steady climb, I spent some time this morning soaking in the sunshine and enjoying the view while my mind just mulled things over.

The park above my neighbourhood affords views like this of Okanagan lake, shown in both top and middle photos (with the Lower Mission in the foreground and Westside across the lake).
In my final photo, here's a shot of the street where I currently live. Sometimes I need to see things from this view to change my mental state. I can see that I live in a peaceful place with lots of full grown trees interspersed throughout the neighbourhoods. Not all cities contain such naturalness. The wide belt of trees far off to the left of the photo hide from view a pretty little creek that is a short walk from our house.
I can't say I've solved any world issues from all my mental meanderings, but at least I have a lovely start to my day.

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