Thursday, 5 July 2007

Frog Quilt Complete

Happy to show pictures of the quilt I just completed for my youngest son. I posted about the challenges I faced with this project at certain points, but everything worked out. Whew! Best of all, my son loves it - although it's way too hot for a quilt on his loft bed at this point in the year. Now he will have a bright, cheery reminder of one of his favourite warm weather pastimes (frog catching) when it's winter.

As I showed the finally completed quilt to my hubby last evening, he said, "I wonder if 20 years from now G. will still like such bright colours....". An interesting thought. hehehe.


Andrea said...

Or maybe in 20 years his son will.... Cool quilt! Rhiannon had a bib made out of that frog fabric.

Katherine said...

I didn't intend to even make a quilt from this frog print. I had made up two blocks to be used as a pillow for his bed because G. had chosen the fabric on a shopping trip. When my hubby saw the blocks, he suggested I make it into a quilt. Easier said than done as that fabric was at Micheals' as a fat quarter and the stock was constantly sold out. It took awhile to gather what I needed.

Linda said...

Very cute. I love the bright colors!

Roxanne said...

I love it! It looks like the frogs are peeking out to say hello! I bet your son will always cherish it, wether he likes bright colors or not. I know I've got some afghans my great-grandmother made that are not exactly my favorite color combos, but I still love them!

P.S. Can you e-mail me your address so I can send you the pattern you won on my blog? My address is