Tuesday, 17 July 2007

A Lovely Surprise

I am posting these roses as a thank-you to Linda over at http://www.themerrychurchmouse.blogspot.com/ . Recently she had a contest to mark the 100th post on her blog and offerred a lovely fabric prize giveaway.

With great delight I won her draw and have been anticipating the arrival of the prize. Yesterday, my day got off to a grand start as this was brought to my door...

A lovely watering can filled with fat quarters! Yes, I did a little happy dance and immediately unfolded the fabrics to enjoy. Aren't they pretty?

I haven't quite decided on the project, but I promise to post the photos of whatever I make from these beauties.
Wow! What a great start to my week. Thanks so much Linda!


Linda said...

You are so very welcome! I'm glad they got there ok and you are enjoying them!

Samantha said...

Soooooo pretty!!!!!!! You lucky duck!! Can't wait to see what you make :o)