Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Quality knitting time

Had some lovely company in the form of Katherine and Samantha today. Whilst the kids kept each other busy, we had plenty of time to knit, crochet, look at quilting books and talk about Harry Potter.

Lots of knitting time means two more finished projects. This is the scarf that I started last week while in the waiting room of the hospital. The theory that the edges wouldn't curl if knitted in seed stitch unfortunately didn't hold up in practice. The scarf curls like crazy, but I don't mind too much. I have ordered a couple of shawl pins and I think this scarf will look great decorated with one of said pins this winter. I was really hoping that the pins would have arrived by now - they are coming from Maine in the US and I spoke to the lady on the phone 10 days ago and she said they would be mailed that weekend. As soon as they arrive, I will post photos and let you know where I bought them. One is for me, the other is for my mum to be mailed to her in Britain along with the shawl that I knitted for her.

The other item I finished today is this beret knitted from this pattern. I should know by now that berets don't usually suit me, but I knew that if I didn't want to keep it I could offer it to my friends in our homeschooling group. Twice before I have given away items that I have made by posting a message to the group's yahoo email, and I'm sure it won't be long before someone claims it.

The colours in this yarn vary from white to light blue to turquoise to navy blue, wrapped around the grey. I like the purl bands and the way the decreases spiral towards the centre.

I am now officially out of knitting projects and may have to scrabble around in my leftover yarns and make a quick charity hat to tide me over until I get back to the yarn store. Or maybe a visit to is on the cards - yarn delivered to my door - yeah!


Samantha said...

How sad! It is such a beautiful hat - you should have tried it on for us so we could have given our opinion as I'm sure you looked lovely :)

Nicola said...

No I didn't. I tried it on after dinner and my family laughed - we all agreed it just wasn't something I'd want to wear out in public if I wanted to be taken seriously! It makes me look like a frumpy old thing - it needs to be worn by a trendy young thing who can carry it off!

Katherine said...

Ah, it's too bad that you don't like the beret on yourself, Nicola. I thought it was quite lovely but I know how it goes - sometimes I can sew something and then when I put it on I realize it just doesn't suit me. sigh.
Wonder how long you're gonna last without a knitting project to work on.... hours? minutes? ;o)