Friday, 27 July 2007

Thrifting find

I couldn't resist this item at the thrift store. It is meant to be a shoe holder but it may end up holding crafting or gardening supplies instead, not sure yet. I love the fabric and wish there had been a bit more as I could have possibly fashioned a skirt from it, that wasn't meant to be though so I will enjoy it as is.

First decent cuke of the year from the garden. I used it for Greek salad last night. Unfortunately I had to use store bought tomatoes but I see one of mine in the garden is turning pinkish so it won't be long before I can enjoy my own. Homegrown tomatoes are pretty much the raison d'etre for my garden. We love them and can never get enough of them. Must be patient...not long now.

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Nicola said...

Heather, you should have given us something for scale, because size really DOES matter, you know!

Some of our tomatoes have ripened but have blossom end rot, which is a real shame, because I was really looking forward to fresh toms from my garden.